Alizée singing “Tendre rêve” (Cinderella) (We love Disney 2 - Teaser)

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One love, one life - Alizée & Grégoire (x) (x)
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Grégoire Lyonnet: Départ difficile…. 😔 ✈️ #ajaccio #paris (14/09/2014)

Alizée’s daughter Annily doesn’t want Grégoire to go back to Paris because of DALS 5. Awwwwww.

Grégoire Lyonnet: Départ difficile…. 😔 ✈️ #ajaccio #paris (14/09/2014)

Alizée’s daughter Annily doesn’t want Grégoire to go back to Paris because of DALS 5. Awwwwww.

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Anonymous said:
When Alizée said "it's just a delay" she refers to the meeting with her public, due to DALS tour begins 1 month after of Blonde tour's first cancelled concert. Unfortunately for fans, the concerts won't take place :(  

I don’t know what you’re talking about… she was talking about the concerts… well as I said it doesn’t matter, the concerts are not happening and if they want to do another tour next year they will do one and if not they won’t.

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Anonymous said:
Nicole Coullier (producer of Blonde tour) and Olympia's website said concerts are cancelled, please talk with the truth ;-)  

I am telling the truth :

Ok, I checked. Nicole Coullier posted the same status update on Twitter that Cheyenne productions and Gilbert Coullier productions posted - that they have to report that the tour is postponed. Alizée herself told us that the tour is postponed.

Maybe you’re referring to an answer Nicole Coullier gave to a Twitter user who was asking if the date at the Olympia is still happening or if it is also cancelled? Because here she said that the concert is cancelled too. I assume she only picked up the “cancelled” from the asker.

And it doesn’t matter what the Olympia says or the ticket sellers in my opinion. Why should they not say that the concerts are “cancelled”? They don’t have any new dates. Also they were the last who got the infos. 

Alizée said the tour is postponed. Her production team said so.

Sorry, this is not about me being  right or not. To me that’s the truth and I will stick to it. In the forums we all talk about the concerts being “postponed” even if we don’t really believe that they will happen. You can check.

In the end it doesn’t matter. Right now we only know that the concerts are not happening. And if they ever will… who knows?

I apologise in advance for typos and mistakes in this message. It’s Saturday and I just woke up and haven’t had breakfast yet so my brain is hardly working properly in my mother tongue… 

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Alizée you kill me! <3

Retrouver le sens
De la vie, je pense
Passe par l’ennui
Quand toi, tu es parti.
Retrouver les sens
Moments qui s’insolencent
Des défilés de doigts,
De mon envie de toi.

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Anonymous said:
"Blonde" concert tour in autumn/winter 2014! Concert tour postponed. POSTPONED? LOL the concerts are CANCELED  

Well… they are actually not cancelled… see, according to official sources (including Alizée and who could be a more official source??) the tour is in fact only postponed and NOT cancelled.

I don’t have any hopes that the tour is going to happen tho. But even if this is a fan blog.. let’s stick to the official sources.

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Alizée will participate at the "Danse Avec Les Stars" Tour, starting the 20th December...

… so that’s the reason why she postponed the “Blonde Tour”.

Well I don’t know but I don’t see it why she had to postpone the ENTIRE tour because of that. I’m sure she could have managed at least the concerts in October and November and could have postponed some concerts from December and do these in spring instead.

Oh for God’s sake…

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La tournée de @alizeeofficiel est annulée… 😢😫 #Triste #Alizee #Alizée #TeamAlizée #TeamAlizee #Blonde #BlondeTour #AlizeeBlonde #AlizéeBlonde #Cancelled #TourCancelled #Sad

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Anonymous said:
Maybe alizee is pregnant ! It's the new rumours about her in France  

Yeah, some friends were already speculating about it this weekend and I didn’t really thought it could be the reason. But looking at her message from today… I don’t know… she sounds too happy for someone who just had to cancel a tour… which also means she’ll lose money… so a pregnancy would be the only real convincing reason. But maybe in the end it will be something totally different.. who knows? If she’s expecting a baby I would be really happy for her of course. And I would totally understand. 

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Message from Alizée:
Like you I am sad, but it is only a postponement&#8230; I&#8217;ll see you very soon to announce some great news! (08/09/2014)

Message from Alizée:

Like you I am sad, but it is only a postponement… I’ll see you very soon to announce some great news! (08/09/2014)

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Do you know what sucks?

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cassndrasdream said:
Its absolutely ridiculous i dont understand why this is happening, the concert in paris is basically sold out but yes obviously the rest didnt sell enough but then again why plan such a big show when she clearly doesnt have a big fanbase? Why not have 3 or 5 shows instead. Its really disrespectful how they behave when people are flying from all over the world to see her im from sweden myself and i was SURE this tour would happen. When it comes to alizee its so many things i dont understand.  

I have nothing to add. That’s exactly what I’m thinking. And if they really didn’t sell enough tickets, why not at least make the shows happen they HAVE sold enough tickets for? The show in Paris was nearly sold out. It was a big surprise when they announced the tour and planned dozens of shows but I thought “well if they promote it properly it will work” but they didn’t do that. I don’t understand. I don’t know if they just blindly thought only the name “Alizée” would sell tickets. I’m just so disappointed. And yeah it’s really disrespectful to the fans and I really hope you can cancel your flight to France without losing a lot of money. I feel sad for everyone who’s going to lose much money just because of this… 

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